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When schools contract us, they hire a strategic partner who works closely with them to implement solutions, identify opportunities and confront strategic issues. We believe that a school bus is an extension of a classroom and it is important that the school authorities give adequate attention to the discipline and well-being of the children in buses. It is with this purpose we request the schools to provide Supervisors / Conductors for every bus. We also advise the schools to have student monitors, in every bus, who can not only maintain discipline inside the bus but also give feedback to our Customer Care Executives in the school regarding the bus service.


Our wish is to provide the best possible service for both parents and students. We place the safety of the children as our highest priority. We value the parents trust in our service and endeavor to provide the highest standards of care. In this regard our Customer Care Executives in the schools are in constant touch with the parents. We listen to the parents. The parents should give their feedback through the Customer Care Executives or through the website.

Student Logistics

One area in student transportation that can cause very serious problems for the transportation supervisor, bus driver, and the school system, is student behavior. It is probably the most complex and demanding phase of the student transportation system, as well as the hardest to satisfactorily handle. Student behavior on school buses can become a serious problem for bus drivers and the school if not properly and timely corrected. The best way to correct the student behavior problem is to have a clear and definite understanding of what is expected on the part of all parties concerned. All guidance concerning student behavior should be well known and clearly understood by bus drivers, students, parents, administrators and teachers and School Transport Services members.